CZANKRA*PL Hodowla Kotów Brytyjskich

Denver Honorable*CZ
Czankra*PL Hodowla Kotów Brytyjskich
Supreme Champion (SC)
Birth: 09.08.2011
Colour: cinnamon (BRI o)
Blood: A
Father: Cinamon Bear of The Pepper King*HU /MMME/
(BRI o)
Mother: GIC (FIFe) Phila Black Muezzi*PL /WCF/ (BRI n)
Tests: FeLV, FIV, HCM, PKD, MPS1, MPSM, MPS7, PRA: negative
Gen point / chocolate / lilac: negative
Gen longhair: positive
Dilute: negative

Unbelievable of Czankra*PL
Czankra*PL Hodowla Kotów Brytyjskich
Supreme Champion (SC)
Junior Winner (JW)
Distinguished Show Merit (DSM)
Distinguished Variety Merit (DVM)
National Winner 2015 (NW)

Birth: 10.03.2013
Colour: blue (BRI a)
Blood: B
Father: IC (FIFe) Hummer van de Kraayenberg*NL (BRI a)
Mother: SC (FIFe) Mamma Mia of Czankra*PL (BRI g)
Tests: PKD: normal / HCM: normal / Gen longhair: negative / agouti: negative / chocolate: ngative / dilution: positive / Felv, FIV: negative

Peppino Di Dworek*PL
Czankra*PL Hodowla Kotów Brytyjskich
Supreme Champion (SC)
Distinguished Variety Merit (DVM)
Birth: 27.04.2016
Colour: cream (BRI e)
Blood: B
Father: CH (FIFe) Puccini vom Thennersee*DE (BSH e)
Mother: Ivette Di Dworek*PL (BSH e)
Tests: FELV, FIV - negative / PKD: normal / HCM: negative / long hair: negative / cinnamon carrier: positive / fawn carrier: positive / chocolate carrier: negative

Gaston Wesołki*PL
Czankra*PL Hodowla Kotów Brytyjskich
Birth: 24.10.2018
Colour: red (BRI d)
Blood: B
Father: IC (FIFe) CH (WCF) Cristofero Wesołki*PL (BSH e)
Mother: Sofia Astibri*LT (BSH d)
Tests: Gene: cinnamon, fawn carrier - positive, ticking carrier - positive, longhair carrier - negative


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