Our kittens stay in the cattery till they are around four months old. They grow accompanied by people and our other cats, that’s why they do not have any problems while settling down in their new homes. They leave our cattery taught how to use the cat toilet, they are dewormed and vaccinated against:

  • panleucopenia
  • rhinotracheitis
  • chlamydiosis
  • calicivirus
  • feline leucemia

Kittens and adult cats remain under constant oversight of one, selected veterinary clinic. The parents are tested against FIV, FeLV, HCM and PKD.

Every kitten from our cattery receives a pedigree, health booklet (or pet passport) and a start-pack containing favourite toys, some home food and his cat-litter.

New owner signs with us a buy-sell agreement. He receives also all information with regard to cat handling (care, food etc.).

We feed our cats with products from renowned producers only:

We recommend cat litter: