Our lilac female Anabella Cherry Land*PL at the FIFe show in Trzebnica received last CACS certificate, thus completing Supreme Champion title. Our cream female Rakija Liliowy Zakątek*PL at the show in Ostrava (Czech Rep) received last CACIB certificate to the International Champion title.

On 22.05.2022 there was Award Gala of  National Winner & Super Kot rankings for 2020-2021. In Super Kot ranking our cats obtained very good results: 

Adult females:
Second place – SC Inner Grace Cherry Land*PL JW, DVM (BSH g)
Female neuters:
First place – SC&SP LV*Clemena Cats Uma DSM (BSH f)

At the FIFe show in Prague, male from our cattery Kamal Khan of Czankra*PL (BSH d) completed Champion title and was nominated to Best In Show. Congrats to the owner – Radka Tesarova 🙂