When we take part in a cat show, we usually have also an opportunity to see interesting places around. Below you will find photo relations from such trips.

Pilsener Brewery gate

Pilsen – July 2016

This time, we extended the sightseeing of Pilsen with surrounding
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Isola Bella

Lago Di Maggiore – June 2016

Our first trip to Lago di Maggiore.
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Narva castle

Narva, Kuremäe, Tallinn – May 2015

During this trip to Estonia, we visited Narva town and
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Vienna – February 2016

No more words needed - Vienna. Beautiful as always....
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Porta Soprana

Genova – January 2016

While strong winter in Poland, Genova welcomed us with really
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Karlsruhe Castle

Karlsruhe & Ettlingen – November 2015

During the cat show in Karlsruhe, our hotel was in
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Bern - Aare river

Burgdorf & Bern – October 2015

Our first visit in Swiss Bern and Burgdorf.
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City from Daugava river

Riga – September 2015

Riga, the capital of Latvia.
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Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Pilsen – July 2015

Our summer trip to Pilsen (Czech Republic)
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Warsaw-Vienna Railway Jubilee – June 2015

This time - attraction in our home town. 170-years Jubilee
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Tartu Town Hall Square

Tartu & Tallinn – November 2014

This time, during our stay in Estonia, except Tallinn we
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Gyor – April 2015

Even though I was in Gyor a few times -
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Warsaw Christmas Illuminations – December 2014

Every winter, Warsaw holds beautiful Christmas illuminations.
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Tallinn – September 2013

Another trip to our friends living in Tallinn...
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Thun – September 2014

On the occassion of catshow in Swiss town of Thun,
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Lichtenfels – May 2014

Bavarian town Lichtenfels is unofficial "basket-making" capital of Germany.
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Einsiedeln - Benedictine Abbey

New Year’s Eve trip to Switzerland – December 2013

For New Year's Eve 2013 we visited for a few
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Ebbs – October 2013

As the cat show in Ebbs (Tyrol) was starting around
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Fredericia – March 2013

Short walk around Danish town of Fredericia and surrounding fortifications.
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Verona & Soave – January 2012

During the cat show in San Bonifacio, we saw nearby
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